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How To Implement Infinite Scroll Functionality in WordPress With WP AJAX Function

We will use WordPress’ ajax functionality to make the call for this pagination. First we prepare the basic function for our pagination, please insert the following code to theme’s ... Continue Reading →

Database of All Countries, States / Regions, Cities in The World in SQL Format For Free

Few days ago I was tired to search a database of all countries, states and cities of world one of my client requires it and just for it I spend about 2 days in searching and missed ... Continue Reading →

How To Use HTML5 Validations in Internet Explorer [Tutorial / Guide]

When we create any website or application which requires some input from users we have to use validations for that form because mostly users are not technical and familiar with technologies ... Continue Reading →
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More Than 800 Active Mafia Wars Users / Players To Add

  This post is for those persons who play Mafia Wars if you do then you may know that its one of the most popular game on social networks and you can only win and get good levels ... Continue Reading →

How To Set Default View In Ubuntu File Manager [Linux Tricks]

Windows Explorer allows for users to set a default view to all folders. In almost the same way, Ubuntu’s Nautilus File Browser (now known as “Files”) allows for these ... Continue Reading →

How To Write Codes To Build Your Own Key Logger With C++ Programming

Keylogger is one of the most popular tool and way to hack anyone’s password and we normally search on google to find some working key logger and maybe that working key logger ... Continue Reading →
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What is Hacking and Its Types, Who is Hacker and How Hacking Works

Every human discovery has pros and cons, so is the computer which has pervaded all our lives. The modern humanity is increasingly dependent on computer for various day-to-day activities. ... Continue Reading →
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How To Adjust Launcher Icon Size or Hide It In Ubuntu [Linux Tricks]

Ubuntu is the worst operating system for those people who’s not much technical because finding things in ubuntu is bit hard for computer newbies but people who’s technical ... Continue Reading →